About Us

Mission Statement

Beauchamp Fitness is a results-driven personal training and Bootcamp facility. We pride ourselves in high quality personalized and group fitness programs at affordable rates. Our passionate, committed team of professionals implement proper training, nutrition and life style management intelligence to ensure you achieve your goals.


Beauchamp Fitness was established in May 2007 as an independent personal training business operated solely by Riley Matthew Beauchamp. Riley had recently left school to pursue his interest of physical fitness and nutrition. While getting certified as a personal trainer, Riley came into contact Kerwyn Chandroo a trainer based out of Toronto, Ontario. Kerwyn coached Riley through his first body building competition where he placed 3rd in the light weight category. From that point on Riley’s interest in fitness and nutrition became undeniable passion, which led to hours of training and studying new methods and techniques practiced by the leading professionals in the world.

In May 2008 Riley Started Personal training out of the Canadian Human Performance Centre (CHPC) in Burlington, Ontario. Beauchamp Fitness was still run as an independent business inside the walls of the CHPC. Beauchamp Fitness grew steadily over the next couple years and Riley had decided to partner with the owners of the CHPC. In January 2010 Beauchamp Fitness and the CHPC expanded the 4000 sq ft facility into 8000 sq ft facility equipped with a personal training studio, Bootcamp/sport specific studio and a rehabilitation centre. Beauchamp Fitness began taking on sport teams, Bootcamps and growing in personal training clientele.

By October 2012 Riley had decided to team up with his long time friend Brandon Isaac to run the Business together. With a very similar vision and the current 5 year lease coming to an end, Riley and Brandon started making moves to open a new facility. They dreamed of a facility where there vision, methods and business structure could flourish. Riley and Brandon teamed up with Matthew McManus who is a very successful entrepreneur and decided to go forth with the new facility. After months of searching for the perfect location, they finally decided on a facility in mid town Burlington, Ontario. Beauchamp Fitness started as an independent training business has now grown into a 300 sq ft fully equipped personal training, Bootcamp and sport performance facility.

Core Values

Beauchamp Fitness believes that to achieve the highest standard of your goals you must first work on building a foundation. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so we analyze every persons biomechanics through a series of movement, isometric and flexibility exercises to determine how to build a balanced and strong foundation. We believe that you are better to immediately take the right steps to fix any imbalances, injuries or weak points, so that in the long run your will achieve a strong, balanced, healthy body.